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Who we are, and how we work.


GiveBack Canada is a supply chain crisis-response initiative of PUDO Inc - North America’s only carrier neutral parcel pick-up and drop-off counter Network. 


Canadian Charities that operate storefront thrift shops have been hit hard by the events of 2020. Their storefronts and donations centres were closed for months during the initial restriction period, and while most have since opened, thrift store revenues took a serious hit and organizations remain deep in recovery.


The need for gently used necessities of life is greater than ever, and it will be greater still when this time of social distancing and extraordinary financial hardship ends.  We are currently working with The Salvation Army Thrift Store, National Recycling Operations (SATS,NRO) to send gently used clothing and footwear to their +100 thrift store locations across Canada. 


Salvation Army Thrift Store revenues support essential community services (food banks, shelters, recovery centres) that vulnerable Canadians — low income families, seniors, single parents, and countless others — rely on.  In addition, through their voucher program, over $4M dollars worth of clothing and household items are given free of charge to Canadian families and individuals living in poverty, each year.

By working and giving together now, we can ensure that when this crisis ends, Canadian thrift stores will have a ready-supply of merchandise for sale to fund essential community services, and the millions of Canadians who need assistance can receive it right away.


And those new shoes that don’t fit but can no longer be returned — include those too and make someone very happy!


Thank you for participating in GiveBack Canada.  We love you for it!


The thrift stores need gently used and new clothing and accessory items, including footwear, so let’s put those empty cardboard shipping boxes (or any cardboard box up to 8 cubic feet, ie: 2'x2'x2' in size) to good use.


Through our GiveBack Canada campaign, we will SHIP YOUR DONATIONS AT NO COST TO YOU to SATS,NRO distribution centres for sorting and distribution to those areas that need inventory the most.

So use this time wisely and generously.  Clean out those closets, drawers and storage lockers, and let’s work together to return the thrift shop revenues and supply chain to good health.



  1. Find the nearest participating PUDOpoint Counters location - all across Canada

  2. Fill a cardboard box with clean, gently used clothing and accessories.

  3. Print a FREE SHIPPING label from the GBC page of the website

  4. Drop your donation box off at your convenience   



Clean, gently used and new clothing, footwear and accessories for adults, children and babies of all ages.  


Your quality donations will help those who need it most, so please do give generously and thoughtfully.


Fill your empty Amazon or other cardboard shipping box (up to 8 cubic feet, ie: 2’ x 2’ x 2’ in size) with items listed below, tape the box shut and affix a FREE GiveBack Canada shipping label.  See FAQ for details.


All clothing is needed, including:

  • tops, blouses and sweaters

  • pants, shorts and bottoms of all sorts

  • coats for all seasons

  • footwear for all seasons

  • new socks and underwear

  • accessories like purses, hats, gloves, scarves, jewelry and other fashion items

* Please do not include books, toys, household items, or heavily worn items, stained items, or items in need of repair.  See FAQ for further information.



GiveBack Canada (GBC) is an initiative of PUDO Inc - North America’s only carrier neutral parcel pick-up and drop-off Counter Network.  


The Program utilizes hundreds of PUDOpoint Counters located in most major centres in most provinces across Canada, and new Counters are joining the program daily.


Visit the GBC page of the website to search for a PUDOpoint Counters location near you.  


If you cannot find a participating PUDOpoint Counters location near you, please let us know and we will do our best to enroll another of our locations in the GBC program.


GiveBack Canada was initiated quickly in response to the critical supply chain needs of Canadian charities, and as such we have hit the ground running with our own national logistics and regional storage Network.  


As we respond to new requests for critical supplies and on-board new partners, we will expand the program.


Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up to date on what else we might all do together through GiveBack Canada.

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