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  • Is it safe to drop-off donation boxes at thsi time?
    Dropping a donation boxes or boxes to a PUDOpoint COUNTERS location near you is comparable to visiting a postal outlet or shipping centre, or dropping off an online shopping return. Canadian provinces each have different guidelines with respect to community visits, and we expect that Canadians will follow the guidelines that apply to them, and include donation drop-offs on their regularly shopping and supply routes.
  • Does the shipping box have to be cardboard?
    Yes all GBC shipping boxes MUST be constructed of cardboard. For environmental reasons, we encourage Canadians to re-use their empty e-commerce shipping boxes. Recipient charities ensure that all cardboard is recycled properly. Cardboard boxes stand up well to the shipping, stacking and storage practices involved in returns logistics. Plastic bags, envelopes, crates, bins, and other containers that one might typically use to contain and drop-off goods to a thrift store donation centre, will NOT be accepted at PUDOpoint COUNTERS locations.
  • Can I use a plastic bag or a sturdy cloth bag for my donation?
    No. Only cardboard boxes will be accepted. We will accept cardboard boxes of up to 2ft x 2ft x 2ft in size - or 8 cubic square feet. Boxes do not need to be square, but they shouldn’t surpass 8 cubic square feet in size — ie: 1ft x 2ft x 3ft (6 cubic ft total), or similar configuration is acceptable. PUDOpoint COUNTERS cannot and will not accept bags or any packaging other than conforming cardboard boxes.
  • How big and what shape can my shipping box be?
    To encourage Canadians to ship as many qualifying items as they can, we will accept boxes of up to 8 cubic feet, ie: 2ft x 2ft x 2ft in size. Boxes do not need to be square, but they shouldn’t surpass 8 cubic square feet in size — ie: 1ft x 2ft x 3ft (6 cubic ft total), or similar configuration is acceptable.
  • How many boxes may I drop off at one time, for donation?"
    We will accept up to 12 donation boxes at one time, from a single household, but please be certain that all contents match the needed items criteria supplied by Canadian charities.
  • It is alright to drop-off to a PUDOpoint COUNTERS location not near to my home?
    As long as lock-downs or periods of quarantine are not in effect, you can drop boxes off to any participating PUDOpoint Counters location. During lock-downs or periods of quarantine: Canadian provinces will enforce quarantine and/or home-stay regulations of some sort, but these vary by province. We are asking Canadians to respect their ‘allowed’ forms and distances of travel, and to include GBC donation drop-offs in those routes. The PUDOpoint COUNTERS search tool will help you find a location within 10 kilometres of the postal code you enter into the search field. If you do not find a location near you, please contact us by email, and we will do our best to enroll another of our PUDOpoint Counters in the GBC program. We hit the ground running with this initiative and while hundreds of PUDOpoint Counters locations in major centres across Canada are participating in GBC, new PUDOpoints throughout our Network are signing on each day.
  • What sorts of gently used and new clothing and footwear items should I pack?
    All clothing is needed, including: tops, blouses and sweaters pants, shorts and bottoms of all sorts coats for all seasons footwear for all seasons new socks and underwear accessories like purses, hats, gloves, scarves, jewelry and other fashion items
  • What if I have quantities of new or retail merchandise donate?
    If you are a small business owner, or retailer with quantities of off-season or current season merchandise to donate, please contact us by email, to discuss how to donate.
  • Does my donation qualify for a tax receipt?
    Similarly to when Canadians drop donated goods to thrift store donations centres, tax receipts are not issued. Exceptions may be made in those instances when a small business or retailer makes special arrangement with us by email, to donate quantitites of new merchandise.
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