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Ruman Perubahan Rumah Perubahan means House of Change. The NGO works with young innovators and students through organizing retreats, education programs, mentors' circles, start-up support and others. House of Change is located just outside Jakarta and as an intern, you will be staying in a beautiful compound, in the middle of a local community. Most of the work of Rumah Perubahan focuses on developing education material and supporting social entrepreneurship programs. Garuda Cendekia School Middle & High School which runs an inclusive program, including one for children with special needs. Volunteers needed to help with curriculum development, parents workshops and teachers' training. ReachOut Foundation Non-profit that provides free preschool education for children living in poverty throughout Indonesia. ReachOut Foundation has built and operates seven schools in the Jakarta housing projects and has just begun the process of expanding the program to Papua. Looking for interns with knowledge of Early Childhood Education, Social Media Strategy, Curriculum Development, Grant Writing, Digital Image Specialist, Graphic Design, or Photography. Rumah Kepik A preschool for ages 2 to 5 years old in Bekasi (at the outskirts of Jakarta) that focuses on purposeful play to prepare children to be independent and inquisitive learners. The school is looking for one or two interns with knowledge in Early Childhood education, special needs kids projects, teacher training, and parents seminars/ education.


Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim dan Ketangguhan (APIK) APIK is a 5 year USAID climate change adaptation and disaster resilience project. APIK works at national level and in 3 provinces, each of which represents a different landscape. In East Java we work on a large watershed, Brantas; in South East Sulawesi we work in coastal areas; and in Maluku we work on small island landscapes. The project has 4 main components:

  1. Building capacity of government at national and subnational level to better understand climate change, work with them on strategies to build resilience and also influence government budgeting for climate change
  2. Community awareness and capacity plus a small grants fund to implement pilot projects at community level
  3. Improve climate and weather information services in terms of quality of the data and also ensure that information is demand driven and relevant / accessible by people who need it most (local government, farmers, fisherfolk etc).
  4. Work with the private sector to facilitate investments into initiatives that build climate change resilience linked to the productivity / profitability of the business.
Ranu Welum Community Development & Social Media Ranu Welum is a local community-based organization in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, that stands for social justice and humanity specifically regarding indigenous peoples' rights, preserving Dayak culture and protecting Kalimantan forests. Dayak people are the indigenous people of Kalimantan and their culture is fast disappearing. Most of the work of the organization is in media advocacy, using media - film/video/magazine/social media - for social change. Ranu Welum empowers and equips local communities, specifically youth, with knowledge and tools to protect their local culture and environment. Its main programs are Ranu Welum Media - youth indigenous filmmaking community - DANUM Magazine - media advocacy bilingual magazine - and Youth Act Campaign - youth movement to stop forest fires and toxic haze. Wildlife Conservation Society Non-profit organization focused on the protection of species. (intern program is being developed) Yayasan Emmanuel Yayasan Emmanuel, founded in December 2000, is a not-for-profit social services NGO headquartered in Sentul, Indonesia. It provides services and support to infants, handicapped children, malnourished children, poverty-stricken and scavenger communities. The Foundation helps over 6,800 children and individuals each month through programmes focusing on education, and homes and community services. Since the foundation’s inception, 514,500 children and families have been helped.

Social Service & Change

Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) AMAN is a Jakarta, Indonesia-based NGO with long experience in women empowerment through education and peace reconciliation. The network has a range of affiliates in Indonesia and around Asia, working at a grassroot level in building up knowledge, skills, and confidence to help women become economically strong, socially engaged and politically confident. One of AMAN’s signature programs is the moderate interpretation of Islam which allows for the social and political empowerment of women in Indonesia. Ransel Buku (The Backpack) Ransel Buku is an education project which brings environmental education through books, discussions and other programs. It is looking for an intern to strengthen the village library and learning center, and create a sustainable model that can be replicated in other villages in the area. Ransel Buku was started in 2009 as a project to bring books to children who live in the riverside villages nearby Palangka Raya, at the heart of Kalimantan. In the first few years, reading took place underneath a tree by the river, in someone's house, churches and mosques. Aini Abdul, the young woman who founded the program, believes that a librar y doesn't always have to have a physical building. Transformasi Untuk Keadilan Indonesia Non-profit organization that advocates for human rights and social justice. (intern program under development) Rachel House Rachel House is the first pediatric palliative care service in Indonesia, providing home-based care for children from the marginalized communities living with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer or HIV. As the pioneering palliative care service, Rachel House actively provides palliative care training to medical professionals throughout the health system as well as medical and nursing students and community volunteers, with the aim of establishing the palliative care ecosystem to help ensure the availability and accessibility of palliative care for all. Rachel House is working to develop the tools to monitor and evaluate the programs developed to build the palliative care ecosystem in Indonesia. It is seeking assistance from students to help design, validate and implement the monitoring and evaluation tools to measure the efficacy of the programs. Ultimately, Rachel House’s hope is to be able to use the findings to support their advocacy for policy implementation/change.

Financial Services and Technology

Dhewanto Capital Financial Advisory based on Islamic economic principles. Duithape
Duithape is a social for profit Fintech startup providing financial services to the bottom of the pyramid. Our mission is to create value and transform lives by providing great digital financial services that helps people and makes life easier.
Our product, duithape, means "mobile money" in Indonesian. With duithape, we focus to facilitate financial transaction using mobile phone for 80% of the Indonesian population who are still unbanked; including to deep rural areas that has not yet been covered by banking services Kitabisa
In Bahasa Indonesia Kita Bisa means, "we can." Kitabisa is the largest crowdfunding platform in Indonesia, which mainly serves non profit organizations and communities who run fundraising campaigns and reach out to millions of people who become fundraisers or donors.
You will be involved in Kitabisa's day to day operations, meet the project owners - social change makers, innovators, small businesses, etc - and help them craft their story-telling, as well as get involved in a startup working culture with a lean startup methodology. M-Stars Digital hub company helping businesses grow in the digital sphere.

International Development

Millenium Challenge Account Indonesia MCA-I is a government-to-government trust entity aimed to reduce poverty through economic growth. MCA-I is looking for an intern for its Social and Gender Assessment (SGA) Unit. This intern would assist SGA in preparing concept notes, position papers and short reports based on research, global reports and MCA-I documentation as background documents for policy dialogue with the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection. The intern would also support SGA in documenting lessons learned from Gender and Social Inclusion in Green Prosperity projects and activities into short articles and write fact sheets to be uploaded to MCA-I website and other avenues of dissemination. Key thematic issues/area of interests would be: gender equality, gender mainstreaming, social inclusion, sustainable development, climate change and renewable energy. United in Diversity United in Diversity (UID) is a non-profit organization established for Indonesian leaders from different industries and sectors, both public and private. UID was founded in 2003 by Universitas Indonesia, Sinar Harapan Daily, Gajah Tunggal Group, and MIT Sloan School of Management with a focus on building trust and collaboration among leaders from the public, private, and civil society. UID provides several learning & development programs that enable profound and impactful transformation at the personal, institutional, and systemic levels. These programs range from short, sharply-focused modules on building an appropriate organizational culture, to three-day leadership & prototype bootcamps, to year-long immersive action-oriented executive education programs.